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Philoptochos means “friend of the poor.” It is the official charitable arm of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

About us

The Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society, Inc. is the philanthropic arm of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America offering over 90 years of philanthropy through a multitude of programs that make a difference in the lives of people in the United States and throughout the world. The Society was established in November 1931, by the late Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras I, who was then serving as Archbishop of North and South America.


Philoptochos fulfills its mission to “help the poor, the destitute, the hungry, the aged, the sick, the unemployed, the orphaned, the imprisoned, the widowed, those with disabilities, and the victims of disasters” through its National and Metropolis Boards and its 26,000+ members and more than 400 active chapters, nationwide. 


The Philoptochos Chapter of St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church in San Diego, was officially formed on November 4, 1938 under the direction of Reverend Efstathios Georgiades, and was named “Anthousa” for the mother of St. John Chrysostom. 

In the early years of our chapter, our ladies volunteered their services, with tremendous vigor and enthusiasm, for the suffering, depressed and ill-fortuned. Working together with love and respect for one another, they aided those with monetary and spiritual needs. Years later, our chapter still follows the principles layed by their founding sisters, and remains a viable entity of the Saint Spyridon church community.


Our chapter resides within the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco.


Visit the National Philoptochos website at,

and the Metropolis of San Francisco Philoptochos website at

Our Mission

Our Mission

  • To aid the poor, the destitute, the hungry, the aged, the sick, the unemployed, the orphaned, the imprisoned, the widow, the handicapped, the victims of disasters, to undertake the burial of the impoverished persons and to offer assistance to anyone who may need the help of the Church through fund raising efforts;

  • To promote the charitable, benevolent and philanthropic purposes of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, through instructional programs, presentations, lectures, seminars and other educational resources;

  • To preserve and perpetuate Orthodox Christian concepts and the Orthodox Christian Family, and through them, to promote the Greek Orthodox Faith and traditions, in accordance with its doctrines, canons, discipline, divine worship, usages and customs;

  • To promote the participation in the activities of the Greek Orthodox community, with the cooperation of the Parish Priest and the Parish Council.

  • The charitable work of Philoptochos shall be performed with discretion, courtesy and kindness.

Board of Directors 2023-2025

President: Sofia Samouris

1st Vice President: Marilyn Yeatts

2nd Vice President: Maria Stokes

Treasurer: Francesca Captain
Assistant Treasurer: Stella Pappas

Recording Secretary: Gina Balourdas

Corresponding Secretary: Lynn Jury

Advisor: Marian Dougenis

Spiritual Advisor: Fr. Andrew Scordalakis

Melanie Anastopulos

Michelle Defelippi

Anthea Diem

Niki Dougenis

Linda Farrell

Christina Frangos

Paulette Gallanis

Olympia Kyriakidis

Maria Platis

Kelly Samouris

Christine Tradas


Watch a video on one of the many activities of our organization

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